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1968 HOLDEN HK PREMIER- $64999


The HK Holden series received great success during its short production run in 1968. The HK
series featured a broad model selection, from the modest Belmont, all the way to the Bathurst
specialist, the Monaro GTS 327. HK Holden’s remain a staple amongst enthusiasts and
collectors to this day.

This particular example is a Holden HK Premier rolling off the production line in 1968. As per
Premier specification, a suite of stainless and chrome highlights appear across the exterior,

some that present well and some that suit restoration. While this HK is a running and driving
cruiser, it will suit a respray due to previous mediocre paintwork. Despite it’s flaws, this
example does have a tough road presence with a set of Centreline Autodrags at each corner.

Internally, the interior presents well with complimentary burguncy vinyl trim. As per Premier
specs, all timber, stainless and vinyl details are retained and create a great atmosphere to be
cruising in. Some new trim work has been undertaken including the front bucket seats,
This Premier now features a mild 350 chev V8 powertrain. Power is fed through 4-speed
Saginaw manual gearbox and delivered to a 9” differential. This provides for an excellent,
period correct diving experience.

Despite the body imperfections, this HK is a perfect entry level Premier that is ready for a
tough pro street build or summer cruiser!

YEAR: 1968

ENGINE: 350ci V8



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