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Selling a special vehicle?

Our decades of experience and extensive Australian network has us connected with collectors and clientele who are always on the lookout for certain vehicles. Often vehicles change ownership with no public advertising which is what some people prefer. CONFIDENTIALITY IS ASSURED AT ALL TIMES. Please take your time in reading the suggestions in compiling your submission.

TMCS consignment. The edge.

We focus on connecting people with the right vehicle. Others may approach this with promoting a 'lifestyle' facility but we choose to maintain focus on the vehicles we sell. It is not about us. It is about  selling your vehicle and you. It is business.


TMCS. Marketing innovation.

TMCS does not just take the easy road and 'list' your car to be lost among all the noise on the internet and hope our brand profile does the rest. We have led the way in giving our listings a true personality by understanding the history and relevance of the vehicle and its position in the market. 


If warranted we will also photograph the vehicle on location to feature it at a true editorial level of presentation. Our SOLD history is testament to our success which in turn is yours.

Obligation free inquiry

Submission Guidelines

To get the ball rolling we suggest you send us an email with the following details to enable us to give it due consideration.


Begin with your CONTACT DETAILS & best time to call


1: Make / Model / Year / Mileage

2: Mechanical details re engine, transmission


3: List ANY mechanical or body modifications and relevant details (drive train / rims / tyres)

4: The body (paint condition and originality or refinish / rust / rust repairs) Be upfront as nothing can be hidden on thorough inspection, particularly investment vehicles and what may concern you is often of little importance to a potential purchaser. Full disclosure WILL ALWAYS result in a better process for all parties. 

5: Upholstery, door trims, carpet incl. boot (colour / type / condition)

6: Instrumentation and interior accessories (originality and or aftermarket details)

7: A brief summation of the known history of vehicle, maintenance (brakes, oil, radiator etc) and your general experience of ownership. The more detail you are willing to provide the better we can work with you. Even 'quirks' or intermittent issues allow us to adjust and advise pricing accordingly. Potential buyers are likely to make a decision a lot sooner to purchase if they feel confident in knowing what they are dealing with.

8: PHOTOS! The more you provide the better! Every angle and profile. Every panel. Door jams. Door catches. Under bonnet. Boot. Every wheel. Glass. Headlights. Tail Lights. The more honest the photos are the better. 

9: VIDEO. If you can, shoot a video on your phone of starting the vehicle from cold and then walk 360 degrees around it. Shoot with doors closed then all open including the boot and of course under the bonnet. Show the door jams and sill areas. Don't get to caught up in making a movie but think of HOW YOU AS A BUYER would like to see it! This is just for our initial reference as we will document the car in our own facility and revideo and photograph.

10: EMAIL IT to us! Send to




Your content has been submitted

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