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2002 NISSAN 200SX (SILVIA) S15 SPEC R - $89,999

The S-chassis platform is notorious within the Japanese car scene and deeply revered by
enthusiasts. While the Silvia model line began in the mid 60s with the CSP311, the model
line was made particularly popular in the late 80s with the S13. With the introduction of the
lower and wider S14 in the early 90s, the S15 would build upon the Silvia legacy and be the
final model for the Silvia series. S15’s have been popular with enthusiasts and tuners alike
due to their ease of modification, producing impressive horsepower and cosmetic
improvements with simple bolt on parts.

This particular example left Nissan’s Fukuoka manufacturing facility in March of 2002 and
was delivered new in Australia. Australian and New Zealand delivered vehicles received the
‘200SX’ designation, while Silvia insignia is still evident within the cabin. Finished in a
particular rare colour, EV1 Lighting Yellow, it makes a bold statement anywhere goes. Just as
rare is the fact that this example is totally original, even retailing its OEM exhaust and wheels.
OEM aero is in tact with the 20-year-old ‘Lightning Yellow’ paint presenting beautifully.

As for the interior, the same treatment is evident, OEM spec everywhere. Original Nissan
stereo, shift knob, steering wheel, seats and ‘200SX’ floor matts to name a few show minimal
signs of wear. As basic as the early 2000’s Nissan interiors are, they are function and serve
the driver perfectly when undertaking spirited driving. In the glove box, one will find the
original Nissan documentation, such as the owners manual. The factory sunroof is in working order too!

This example houses the infamous Black-Top SR20DET, a single turbocharged 2-litre, four
cylinder motor that is known for it tuning capabilities. While this motor is stock, it still packs a
punch and is enjoyable to drive. It may also be a blank canvas to dial in boost. A 6-speed
manual transmission tops off the running gear and provides for an entertaining drive.

While the Japanese car market has exploded as of late, many totally original Silvia’s do not
come up for sale very often, let alone an Australian delivered example. Be sure to make your
enquiry and secure this collectors piece.

YEAR: 2002




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