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1988 CADILLAC BROUGHAM - $29,999

The Cadillac Brougham line was introduced in 1986, replacing the Fleetwood Brougham
model series. Throughout the mid to late 80s, Cadillac split the Fleetwood Brougham model
name, each designated with a trim level and drivetrain. The Brougham was assigned to the
RWD sedans, where as the luxury Fleetwood received the FWD drivetrain. The Brougham
still remains a staple of 80s America, carrying through Cadillac’s stylistic flair.

This particular example is a 1988 Cadillac Brougham that has received a RHD conversion
with all certification completed. Since being imported to Australia in 2011, it has retained one
Australian owner during that time.

The body features a white on white scheme, with solid white paint and vinyl roof to match.
The body features Cadillac’s traditional treatment of chrome and stainless details, extenuating
the bodylines and shape. A set of original Cadillac wire wheels and white wall tyres add to
the originality and period correct styling of this Brougham.

The interior provides an elegant contrast to the white body with blue vinyl and gloss wood
grain highlights. In typical Cadillac fashion, the interior provides a level of comfort that is
unparalleled to other cars of its time and still holds true to this day. Electric windows and
seats are just some of the Cadillac luxuries you’d expect for a car of this time period.

The smooth V8 and column shift auto provide for a relaxing driving experience that you’d
come to expect from a cruiser like this. A major service has been undertaking with the
following work completed: new air-conditioning pump and hoses, water pump and radiator.

If you are looking for something a little different and enjoy hassle free, comfortable cruising,
then look no further than this American 80s icon.

YEAR: 1988



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