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1967 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS - $115000


The first generation Chevrolet Camaro was introduced in September of 1966 for the 1967
model year as a direct response to the successful ‘Pony Car’, the Ford Mustang. The first
generation Camaro built the foundations for one of Americans most successful sports cars
with multiple generations that would eventually follow. The 67’ model year was offered in 2-
door hardtop with the iconic ‘coke-bottle styling’ and convertible options with a range of
engine options from the entry-level 230ci Straight-6 to the top end 396ci V8. A series of
packages were made available including the Rally Sport (RS) and Super Sport (SS). A little
known fact is that a limited number of Camaro’s were imported into Australia during this time,
converted to right-hand-drive and delivered via GM-H dealers.

‘Australian Muscle Car Magazine’ has previously reported on this interesting bit of Australian
motoring history in their ‘106’ issue (as photographed below). AMC found that dealers whom
imported, converted and sold these Camaro’s received no direct support or input from GM-H
themselves. AMC also reported that four particular GM-H dealerships undertook the
importation, conversion and selling of these Camaro’s including: Bill Patterson Motors,
Preston Motors, Stack and Co and Lockhart Motors. Well-known automotive figure ‘Bill
Buckle’ also completed conversion work on the RHD Camaros. No official records were kept
of this process and is believed that only a handful of 67’ Camaro’s were converted with fewer
surviving. For the complete story, please refer to Australia Muscle Car Magazine, Issue 106.

This particular example is a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS that is believed to be part of the
aforementioned importation program of Camaro’s by GM-H dealers in the 60s, although no
records were kept to document or prove this definitively. Through the current owners
research, he believes that the importation and conversion was completed by Bill Patterson
Motors, “evident through the front and rear indicators being Amber, a requirement for
registration in Australia”. The current owner explains that the way in which the “rear lights in
particular are wired with what would have been on USA models reverse lights are not amber
indicators which also act as reverse lights (a somewhat complicated wiring arrangement)”.

Furthermore, a “reconfiguring of the tail lights to be all brake and tail (no indicators as would
have been the case on USA delivered cars)”
was completed.

The current owner also mentions the following: “Additionally, Bill Patterson Motors was
believed to be the only dealer that completed the wiper mechanism RHD conversion (Preston
Motors apparently did not do this). Also the car runs a XA falcon steering box and Pitman arm
which was the best option available at the time in Australia with the timing being 1967, even
the engineer commented on the quality of the conversion when engineering the car, and the
use of and relocation of all the OEM parts, making his job very easy to give it the tick. Later
converted Camaro’s typically run a GMH steering box for obvious reasons.”

As for the exterior, this 67’ Camaro RS presents beautifully in a soft shade of white with a
contrasting gloss black ‘RS’ front band stripe and associated badging. The iconic RS style
headlight covers are a popular feature as well as the Rallye Sport wheels and front and rear
bumper overriders. The current bonnet features a subtle reverse cowl to house the Vortex
350ci V8 higher manifold below. The original bonnet will be sold with the car (photo of original
bonnet are evident above). The interior presents just as well with contrasting black vinyl trim,
wood grain steering wheel and white 4-speed Muncie pattern shift knob.

This Camaro now runs a stout 350ci Vortec V8 crate motor that certainly aims to excite,
mated to a manual Muncie 4-Speed gearbox. The current owner has also completed a rear
disk brake conversion; all while keeping the original drum brakes that will be sold with the car.
The current owner also recalls “when I removed the rear diff cover to do the brake conversion
that the diff cover still had the original paper gasket in there, which is another hint toward the
low mileage of the car.”
This example also has Caltrac anti-tramp rear bars fitted post the
installation of the Vortec V8.

This Camaro will be sold with it’s original matching numbers 327ci V8 which the current
owner was told is in “very good, original condition”. The current owner has decoded the 327ci
serial number and “can confirm it is the matching number engine, 17L162270, 1 = Chev, 7 =
67 year built, L = LA, 162270 is the number matching to the car which is the chassis number
of the car (on chassis and rego papers)”
Photos of the original 327 motor are evident above.


The current owner has uncovered that “the car was as stated delivered in Victoria to its
original owner, in circa 1987 it went from Victoria to NSW to a new owner for about 7 years,
then onto another owner in NSW for 5 years, then another for 14 years, then the guy I bought
it off owned it for 5 years and then I bought it across to SA in early 2019.”

The current owner had to have the car engineered when bringing it into South Australia. The
report can be provided at request.

All in all the car presents as a very well maintained original “not fully restored” survivor car
that has had some modest maintenance and improvements over its life, and very unique in its
Australian Dealer converted and delivered status (although no records were kept, so can’t be

YEAR: 1967

ENGINE: 350ci 








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