1957 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE - $109,999

The third generation Belvedere was introduced in 1957 and was partly responsible for the
successful sale figures for not only Chrysler Corporation, but also Plymouth. Plymouth
considered the 1957 Belvedere design so ahead of it’s time, that they used the slogan
‘Suddenly, it’s 1960!” for their advertisement campaigns. Additionally, the Belvedere was
made popular on screen in the 1980s film ‘Christine’, shown with a white roof over red body
paint scheme.

This particular example has had the pro street touch, replacing the original body colour for a
bold, lime green exterior that commands attention on road. Green vinyl with material inserts
carries over into the interior, while the original instrument cluster is still in place. Subtle pro
street touches include a B&M quicksilver shifter, RPM tachometer and oil + water gauges.
Externally, this Belvedere sits nicely on a set of timeless Centreline Convo Pros (Front: 15x6
and Rear: 15x8.5). This example also features a 1958 spec front and rear.
While the original driveline is long gone, it has made way for some serious horsepower, the
parts list is as follows:


  • Bergamin Brothers built 600hp 410ci Small Block Chrysler

  • SCAT Crank

  • SCAT Rods

  • SRP Pistons

  • 13:8 Compression

  • F278 Flat Tappet Camshaft

  • Edelbrock Victor Manifold

  • Full race setup J Heads

  • Roller Rockers

  • 1050 4150 E85 Carby

  • 727 Late Model Case Transmission, fully built

  • Full Manual Valve

  • Shotgun converter shop 5700 stall

  • Braced 9” shortened Diff

  • 31 Spine Billet Axles

  • Strange Diff centre

  • 4:33 Gears

  • Magna Fuel 500 Pump

  • 100 Litre Custom Fuel Cell

  • Custom Stainless 2.5 inch exhaust

  • Large Port Block Higher Headers


If you’re in the market for some serious horsepower in a Belvedere that looks equality as
beautiful, then make your enquiries now as it will not last long.


YEAR: 1957



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