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Welcome to TMCS | Adelaide S.A.

Located in Mile End, less than 5 minutes from the CBD and less than 15 minutes from Adelaide airport. We offer select premium cars ranging from extreme performance to general everyday makes and models. The Muscle Car Shop has a long established reputation for offering the toughest performance cars in Australia. Decades of expertise from the street to the highest levels of drag racing give our customers confidence in purchasing any vehicle from The Muscle Car Shop.

See a car you like? CALL!

We often will post 'teaser' images prior to full listing on the web site. If you see a vehicle you are serious about considering we advise you to telephone us directly. Do not send an email or message on social media. We have had many people miss out because they sat back. It is simple. Call Sev or Ben

Inspection of Vehicles? CALL!

If you are seriously interested in a vehicle please Call Sev or Ben to arrange a suitable time. No walk in 'looks' accommodated.

Interstate Purchasers

We frequently send purchased vehicles to every state in Australia and can either arrange or work with your preferred carrier to deliver your new acquisition. If you wish to visit us from interstate for a vehicle inspection we are literally less than 15 minutes from the airport terminal on the way to the Adelaide CBD.

Muscle to Classic

Reliving a golden era or a specific style? We understand enthusiast's motivations. We know the reality of owning everything from mild to extreme performance vehicles. We know the differences between perception and reality. Seeking a mild cruiser or custom to join the local car scene? We get that to. 




The Muscle Car Shop has offered some of the finest collectible muscle cars in Australia and our network and expertise is highly respected. We have clients seeking specific vehicles they wish to invest in. If you are considering selling something 'special' it may indeed be in your interest to contact us to discuss.



We market and present consignment vehicles at a level unique in Australia that has proven results you can see on our SOLD VEHICLES page. There is a great deal of strategy behind the scenes put into your listing that sets TMCS apart and delivers you the SALE. If this is of interest to you or someone you know we suggest viewing our CONSIGNMENT PAGE.


We are always willing to discuss trade-in scenarios with our customers. Does not have to be muscle or performance! 

Finance Available

Looking to finance your dream car? Get a quick turnaround on car loans with competitive rates with VIP Finance Group.

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